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Medical Antiques, там продают всякие интересные штуки, вроде

A 19th Century French post mortem set enclosed in a brass inlaid wooden case. All the major pieces are engraved Collin. One of the latches on the box is missing. Otherwise the set appears complete and given the virtually mint condition it seems unlikely that the instruments have ever been used.

A beautifully made Ombredanne inhaler with its original rubber mask and caecum bladder. Professor Louis Ombredanne (1871-1956), the inventor of the apparatus, was a French Surgeon who introduced his ether breathing apparatus in 1908 and it was subsequently widely used throughout Europe. They were made by various makers in the early 1900s. This fine example is signed "Aesculap"

A clinical mercury thermometer by J Hicks of London and patented by him in America in 1884. It is fixed in an ornately decorated silver case marked "Sterling" on the screw top and which has a cartouche engraved with the letters "ACK". The case has its original silver chain and safety clip. The thermometer itself is in perfect working order. It is marked "J Hicks 8,9 and 10 Hatton Garden London E." and the number 103254.

A 19th century hand held trephine made from ebony, brass and blued steel. The two different sized drill bits and stems are detachable and interchangeable. A central pin can be adjusted so that after anchoring the drill bit they can be subsequently retracted so as not to cause damage to the cerebral cortex. In excellent condition noting a superficial small superficial chip at one end of the handle. The instruments are not signed but are of excellent build quality.

A 1902 French veterinary cautery set by Graillot with instruments marked "Brevete SGDG". The red felt lined mahogany case is in perfect condition. The silk lined lift out tray contains the main cautery equipment with a full complement of attachments and heads. The bunson burner is particularly attractive with a spiral design. The lower section houses a steam canister, rubber inflator, steel cup and a full set of instructions in French (the latter have minor burn damage). A superb and complete set.

A delightful pair of forceps with the jaws made in the shape of an animal head. Dating to the 17th century these are identical to the dental forceps displayed in the Wellcome museum (see last photograph). A pair are also present in the Musee Flaubert in Paris and forceps with a similar shaped head can also be seen in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh documented as dental forceps. They have however been variably been described both as nut crackers and dental forceps.

Цен, к сожалению, нет, видимо, о них нужно узнавать и договариваться индивидуально (я этого делать не буду, потому, что представляю порядок этих цен, а беспокоить людей только из любопытства не хочу), но
каждый лот сфотографирован в разных ракурсах, а уже проданные вещи с сайта не удаляются, а перемещаются в архив, так что получается такой маленький пока(?) виртуальный музей.

UPD: Почитала страничку "about". Это сайт коллекционера, и, действительно, кое-что из экспонатов можно приобрести, хотя продается не всё.

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