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Diameter: 106mm
Height: 115mm
Weight: 2243gram
Price: US $490.00


Diameter: 105mm
Height: 110mm
Weight: 1869gram
Price: US $420.00

Circulated Period: From about 600’s AD

Very rare glass beads once used as primitive money. These beads are made of swirling coloured blue, red and white glass, and look kind of like Murano glass. Coloured glass beads were used as money all throughout south-east Asia starting in the 600's AD. These pieces are from Western Indonesia. These beads are well-known and are published (among other places) in this book - Magical ancient beads: (from the collection of Ulrich J. Beck) by Jamey D. Allen, Sumarah Adhyatman.

This extremely rare Millefiore compound mosaic glass bead dates to approximately 1293 – 1478 or earlier and originates from the ancient Majapahit culture of Indonesia. This beautiful bead was found in East Java. The large archipelago of Indonesia is the most interesting part of island southeast Asia for bead collectors. This spectacular Mosaic Glass Bead has a fascinating design and wonderful colours.

Mosaic glass beads are formed in at least two operations. The glassworker begins by making various components and these preformed parts are than used to compose or decorate the desired piece. There are several types of such work, but the most popular and significant group is millefiore.

Millefiore glass beads are wound beads decorated with thin slices of multilayered or patterned drawn canes. Artistically crafted mosaic glass beads, also called millefiore (“thousand flowers in Italian”), are the product of great technical expertise in ancient times. The fine detail of the beads was achieved by laying a bundle of preformed colour glass rods in parallel rows so that the cross-section of the bundle had a pattern. The glass was than heat-softened and stretched, fusing the canes together. This miniaturized the design in such a way that the cross-sectional pattern remained unchanged.

Most Jatim Mosaic glass beads (term for Jawa = Java, Timur = East) have a thin coating of canes over a monochrome core.

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